Loose diamond shapes [The Easy & Quick Cut Diamond Guide]

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Loose Diamond Shapes

loose diamond shapes

Diamonds are cut and fashioned in many different shapes that not only enhance the brilliance but also possess its own unique qualities. Choosing a shape of the diamond is a matter of personal taste that reflect the personality of the buyer or to whom they are being presented, it is important to know the attributes of each shape to help you make an accurate buying decision. The most popular shape preferred by people around the globe is a round cut because of its fiery brilliance, sparkle and impressive facets. It is the sheer craftsmanship of the diamond cutter with which he carves these rough gemstones into magnificent diamonds that are coveted by all. It is the skill of the craftsmen to keep the brilliance and fire of a diamond intact while defining it in shapes that pleases the eye. It is these outlines, contours and shapes of loose diamonds that have a considerable impact on its appearance. From the ancient times round diamonds have been much popular. One of the most ancient cut of diamonds was rose cut, which resembled a circular orb with a flat bottom and dome shaped at the top. Different and exotic shapes developed over the time inspired by the fashion of the eras. Though round cut remains popular, in recent times modern consumers have shown preference to other alternative shapes also, which include emerald, princess, radiant, and asscher cut diamonds.

How does a diamond cutter decide what shape to create?

Ever wondered about this question. Well a craftsmen’s prime responsibility is to maximise carat weight when a rough diamond is cut. Since these rough diamonds a chunk of rocks in any shapes and with inclusions, it is diamond cutter’s job to cut the diamond in a shape that preserves the diamond’s weight. A diamond’s value is determined in part by the total wastage in rough diamond. Shapes that preserve the most diamond weight are less expensive. Ironically enough, round cut leads to almost 60% of wastage. Whereas fancy cut diamonds like marquise, pear shaped, radiant, cushion cut have longer and less uniform contours hence lead to less wastage.

Shapes of Loose Diamond:

Over the recent times many new fanciful diamond cut have been invented to allure the populace, however there are nine standard diamond shapes that are favoured globally. These are as follows in the order of popularity:

  1. Round Cut
  2. Princes Cut
  3. Cushion Cut
  4. Emerald Cut
  5. Oval Shape
  6. Pear Shape
  7. Asscher Cut
  8. Marquise Cut
  9. Radiant Cut

Popularity of a diamond is influenced by various factors including, rarity, its brilliance, difference in prices, but most of all its appearance when it is embedded in a diamond engagement ring. The shiner the diamond, the pricier it is and hence more popular. Every shape and cut is distinctive in its origin, traits, aesthetic properties and outlay. While choosing a diamond it is of utmost importance to keep these principles in mind. Shape of a diamond should resonate the personality of the wearer. Buying a diamond is an intimate decision, so instead of going with the popularity trend, make a choice that fits your lifestyle the best.

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