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Since ages, diamonds have conceivably been the most sought after gemstone. This king of all gemstones has been sacrosanct and desired for its fiery luminosity, rarity, splendour and strength. Though its beauty is unparalleled, diamonds vary in characteristics that might affects its quality and value. Ever wondered why, while choosing a diamond, for say an engagement ring, the cost differs so drastically with different cuts, carats, clarity and colour? Understanding these 4C’s, the combined effect of themand other attributes of diamonds is essential before buying it. So let us help you understand different aspects of diamonds and make your experience of buying diamonds in Melbourne the one that gives you the most worth.

Understanding The 4C’s Of A Diamond

Our diamond knowledge bank is exclusively conceptualisedby expert gemmologist to provide you all the information that you need to properly assess a diamond’s quality and value with confidence and help you shop like a pro.We understand that buying a diamond is not only a financial but an intimate personal decision. So trust us to assist you in best ways possible to find a diamond which is worth every cent.

Every diamond has unique attributes, factors that determine and affect the pricing of a diamond. Its cost majorly depends on the four key characteristics commonly referred to as 4C’s – Cut, Clarity, Carat and Colour. These are the elements that determine the value of a diamond. Though of all 4C’s clarity of a diamond is often presumed to be the most determining factor, it is in fact the combination of carat, colour and cut that deeply affects the visual appearance of a diamond.

Carat of Diamond: The Weight

Carat of Diamond: The Weight

Cut of Diamond:The Finesse

Cut of Diamond:The Finesse

Colour of Diamond: The Tint

Colour of Diamond: The Tint

Clarity of Diamond: The Translucence

Clarity of Diamond: The Translucence

Loose Diamond Shapes

Diamonds are cut and fashioned in many different shapes that not only enhance the brilliance but also possess its own unique qualities. Choosing a shape of the diamond is a matter of personal taste that reflect the personality of the buyer or to whom they are being presented, it is important to know the attributes of each shape to help you make an accurate buying decision. The most popular shape preferred by people around the globe is a round cut because of its fiery brilliance, sparkle and impressive facets. It is the sheer craftsmanship of the diamond cutter with which he carves these rough gemstones into magnificent diamonds that are coveted by all. It is the skill of the craftsmen to keep the brilliance and fire of a diamond intact while defining it in shapes that pleases the eye. It is these outlines, contours and shapes of loose diamonds that have a considerable impact on its appearance. From the ancient times round diamonds have been much popular. One of the most ancient cut of diamonds was rose cut, which resembled a circular orb with a flat bottom and dome shaped at the top. Different and exotic shapes developed over the time inspired by the fashion of the eras. Though round cut remains popular, in recent times modern consumers have shown preference to other alternative shapes also, which include emerald, princess, radiant, and asscher cut diamonds.

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